YFIII.money Everything You Need to Know About This Great Defi Project

YFIII launched on September 13, 2020 with a reservation price of $10 per token and a total supply of 50,000 tokens. Just one day after launch, YFIII recorded a 380% growth, from $10 to $ 38 in just 24 hours, quite an impressive figure.

Entering the cryptocurrency market in mid-September 2020, YFIII has only just got its feet wet to the potential market.

You can learn more about YFIII at YFIII.money

On November 4, 2020, YFIII was officially listed on Coingecko. YFIII’s price shot up from $20 to $65 and counting soon after being listed on Coingecko,.

On November 10, YFIII was officially listed on one of the most prestigious cryptocurrency websites in the world, CoinMarketCap (CMC).

Just take a look at these figures on Coingecko:

–         YFIII’s price: $64.65

–         Trading Volume: $215.634

–         All-Time High: $73.31 (Nov 07, 2020)

–         All-Time Low: $24.8 (Nov 04, 2020)

YFIII is currently traded on 2 crypto exchanges, IndoEx (listed on October 7, 2020) and Finexbox (listed on November 8, 2020) at a price of $ 65 with a relatively stable trading volume. On the trading upturn, YFIII is planned to be listed on Huobi soon. The price is expected to go up to $600.

Although it is a brand-new on the market with a relatively modest price, this is a great advantage of YFIII among thousands of currencies of high price and tends to grind to a halt.

If you are new to the money market and want to try your hand at crypto, YFIII is a safe option and if you are an investor, YFIII is one of the worth-considering options if you want to diversify your investment portfolio while already owning other coins on the market.


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