Willy Woo Believe “Bitcoin hitting $135K this Bull Cycle” is a Common-Sense Prediction

Some crypto analysts in the industry think that the world’s leading digital asset Bitcoin could go above $100K in the bull cycle. According to a famous crypto analyst, the leading asset is moving towards $100K and is expected to achieve it in the current bull cycle.

Recently on 3rd March, the popular cryptocurrency analyst Willy Woo spoke to the RT financial news show the “Keiser Report” where he stated that Bitcoin hitting $135,000 this bull cycle is common sense. As he said:

If you make a best guess, it’s above $100,000; I think one of the more common-sense predictions would be around $135,000 based on the timing cycleture and the 35x of average cap

Moving ahead, Willy Woo talked about the cumulative average Bitcoin price and according to him, this is an effective metric for predicting the future possible gains of the coin. While speaking to the host of show Max Keiser, Willy Woo elaborated:

You go could 35 times the cumulative average of the price — and that’s actually picked every single top in the ten-year history of Bitcoin — right now that’s sitting above $50,000, but it keeps climbing the longer it runs for.


Woo looks Bitcoin at around $250,000

As the discussion progressed, Willy Woo pointed out that the movement of Bitcoin is in parallel with the four-year cycles of its block reward halving.

He also presented his point of view and said that he is looking the leading asset at around $250K.

I’m looking at around the $100,000 to $250,000 range depending on how long this bull market runs.


However, according to technical forecasts, the present situation and performance of the price value of Bitcoin, is exactly where it should be before the upcoming halving event.


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