Ripple recommends Indian Policy Makers in a Policy Paper to Use XRP in India

Ripple has recently issued a policy paper where it has provided the Indian policymakers with some recommendations which might be helpful for them in the adoption of digital assets in the country. In the digital asset adoption recommendation paper, the company Ripple recommends Indian legislators to use XRP in India.

Ripple offers recommendations for digital assets’ adoption

Recently, the Supreme Court of India lifted up the cryptocurrency ban from India allowing the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to start offering banking services again to Indian crypto traders and other crypto-related activities.

After the lift of the ban, India is now looking ahead for the adoption of digital assets in the country. On India’s way towards the digital asset adoption, the company Ripple has offered some recommendations to Indian policymakers which may help them design a transparent digital asset regulatory framework.

Ripple has released a policy paper on its official website in which the company has given suggestions regarding how India can adopt crypto assets in the best possible way.

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