Moneymatch collaborates with ripple to provide economical global payments

MoneyMatch which is a Malaysian-based payments operator has joined Ripple Net to expand its overseas payments in a more efficient and economical way for companies to more than a hundred countries around the globe.

 Money match aids Ripple to build corridors to new countries

The founder and CEO of Money Match, Adrian Yap, stated in a video that the partnership with Ripple played an important role in his fintech company’s history. He also mentioned that Ripple has helped them build corridors to new countries, which has, in turn, increased revenue for Money Match. Another benefit of joining Ripple Net and working through its corridors was that it reduced the costs for the company to about forty percent. Ripple Net also allows them to develop their network to the list of destination countries for better worldwide approach.

Ripple is more prompt than SWIFT

Mr. Yap also acknowledged that for sending client money to Europe, they have worked with other companies, which are Ripple’s major opponent such as SWIFT, but this old method takes about two days to transfer the money as compared to Ripple, through which, the time was reduced to just five hours.

Building reliability with its partners

Another of Ripple’s partner Flutter wave has collaborated with Uber to initiate an Uber Cash app for its customers so they can pay directly for their rides through Uber Cash. Before this, Ripple’s major partner, MoneyGram had also partnered with Uber to provide facility to its drivers during this COVID by providing them discounts because it has completely hauled the economic structure.

Ripple has also released an official paper in which there are suggestions for the Indian influencers regarding the advocacy of blockchain and digital assets.


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