Kadena Launches Blockchain App to Verify Secure and Transparent Test Tracking For COVID-19

Kadena, which is an N.Y. blockchain company announced today about its new app that can verify COVID-19 tests by letting users track test kits. The app would provide a secure way to communicate and store test results. It can especially help doctors and medical workers.

Advantages of the app

Kadena claims itself to be a great alternative to other blockchain chains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. It promises to provide security of data and information through QR codes. These codes would ensure transparency by tracking the kits and no possibility of swapping them would occur. Kadena founder and CEO, Will Martino further added;

The provider then goes and registers those keys so that no one can just submit a random one.

He added that if a person has a picture of the test’s QR code they can check the results by themselves through logging onto the app. The app can even further help government officials to understand and analyze the spread of the coronavirus.

Token Trading

Kadena also announced that it would soon be having its own token which would be first listed by Bittrex Global Exchange.

On Friday morning, Kadena trading will start with bitcoin (BTC) and tether (USDT). They will serve as its trading pairs for Kadena tokens. These tokens are currently only available for non-U.S. traders  but would soon expand to the US citizens also as Martino said:

We’ll have other listings this year, but they’re the first.

Kadena is also planning to upgrade its blockchain next month as Martino said:

It actually gets more efficient as you make it bigger. Because you take the difficulty per block when you go from 10 to 20, and you chop the difficulty in half. It is the network difficulty that gives us security.


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