Increasing ETH Holding indicate investors are getting ready for staking prior to ETH2.0

The upcoming update of the crypto-coin Ethereum called ETH 2.0 is a new gateway for technologists to make dApp development and usage more secure, better, and have faster networks. The PoS consensus algorithm has been long-awaited by investors as now they will receive rewards for investing their capital in ETH.

Crypto Wallets Affect ATH

A crypto research firm called Arcane Research gave some insights on ETH and those insights show that wallets having at least 32 ETH is going to get the highest profit on it even if they plan to trade.

There are also a number of reports on ETH that suggest investors who invest in it might get an interest of up to 9%. Around 120,000 wallets have more than 32 ETH in them, this means that many of the miners like AntPool are going to get replaced with nodes, to make sure that the transactions done by ETH are valid and the blockchain is being maintained.

A Twitter post made by Arcane questions if “investors preparing for the Ethereum 2.0 upgrade and staking?” with the data that ATH has provided, the question still remains unanswered.

Are there going to Be Staking Services in near Future?

Well, that question still cannot be given a proper and sure answer but exchanges like ‘Binance’ are planning to offer services for people who would like to invest in Ethereum.  This will mean that people will just have to deposit their Ethereum on an online exchange like depositing cash in a bank, and the exchange will run node for them for small service fee, it is a good opportunity for exchanges to get some  profit out of trading of cryptocurrency as well. There are critics who fear that  a centralization could come to being which can be a problem, but the risk still seems worth taking.



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