Google Trends Data Shows Searches for Chainlink Surged high Due to LINK Price rally

LINK’s recent monster price rally has caused an increase in interest of retail investors in Chainlink which has reached its peak level. The latest Google Trends data shows that searches for the keyword “Chainlink” on Google have surged high.

Worldwide Chainlink Google Searches hits a 100 score

More and more people from across the whole world are searching for Chainlink on Google’s search engine after noticing the increasing popularity of the coin and its recent price surge. According to the data shared by Google Trends, worldwide Google searches for the word Chainlink have reached the peak level hitting a score of 100 in the last week.

Source: Google

During a specific period of time, it is the highest level scored by any term on the search engine.

The reason behind this surprising increase in the interest of retail investors in the coin might be the recent potential price surge of LINK due to which the coin reached its all-time high value. Chainlink’s LINK recorded a rally of over 50% within the time frame of the last week to hit its record ATH value at around $8.48. Currently, the coin is showing extremely bullish sentiment and is up by 73% on a monthly basis while it is up by over 350% on a year-to-date basis.

LINK becomes one of the best performing crypto assets of 2020

Due to the LINK’s massive bullish rally, Chainlink has succeeded to register itself among the list of the best performing crypto assets of the current year. Also, according to the data from Messari, the cryptocurrency has entered into the list of top ten cryptocurrencies by market capitalization as well.

Currently, Chainlink (LINK) is holding the tenth spot on Coin Market Cap with a market capitalization of over $2.6 billion. The price value of LINK is standing at $7.49 at the press time.


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