Google Trends Data Shows Bitcoin Search Interest is on the Peak in Africa and South America

Bitcoin search interest has increased to the highest level in African and South American countries according to the recent Google Trends data. This shows that the countries in South America and Africa have concentrated more on the leading digital coin Bitcoin as compared to other cryptocurrencies.

Kenya and Brazil are on the top has compiled Google Trends data on the search interest rate in crypto and Bitcoin in different countries. According to this compiled data, the Bitcoin search interest is at the peak level in the countries in Africa and South America. The data shows that Bitcoin is dominating in these countries. has released a map according to which Kenya and Brazil are on the top showing the highest search interest for the leading asset Bitcoin out of others. Kenya counts for 94.7% for Bitcoin searches while Brazil counts for 92.6%. Other top countries included in this list are Chile (89.8%), Ecuador (89.4%), Nigeria (89.4%), South Africa (89%), and Argentina (87.7%).


In this list of the top ten most bitcoin maximalist countries, three belong to Africa while four belong to South America.

Africa may turn into a key player for crypto in the future

Cryptocurrency adoption in African countries is increasing day by day. We have seen that the Bitcoin search interest rate is on the highest level in the countries of Africa which shows that interest for Bitcoin is rapidly developing among people in these countries and may soon expand to other countries of Africa as well.

This increasing Bitcoin search interest and cryptocurrency adoption may turn Africa into a key player for cryptocurrency in the future and it may play a crucial role in the evolution of cryptocurrency in the future.


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