EOSIO and Ethereum Enter into a race for enterprise blockchain business in Latin America

A race is expected to begin between two groups for enterprise blockchain business in Latin America as both EOSIO and Ethereum are squaring up for it.

LatamLink and ConsenSys seem to be competing for business in Latin America. Basically, the target that they are preparing to grab is LACChain which is a blockchain framework backed by IDB, the Inter-American Development Bank.  LACChain has various private and public entities spread across the whole region of Latin America.

Early last year, ConsenSys introduced a Besu testnet for LACChain. The main intention behind setting up this testnet was to develop a permissioned and public infrastructure which will ultimately facilitate tokenized fiat money as well as digital identity. Now EOS Costa Rica is also gearing up for releasing a testnet for this IDB-backed blockchain framework.

The co-founder of EOS Costa Rica Edgar Fernández says that now LACChain is the one that has to make the choice:

They [LACChain] can see if there is interoperability between the protocols, or choose one over the other. You can see them side by side.

‘LACChain project is about collaboration’

The tech lead at LACChain Marcos Allende said that LACChain is all about collaboration between these two protocols and is not set for a race or competition between them. Allende clearly asserted:

We are not launching the EOSIO network because there is anything wrong with Besu. It’s not a competition between Besu and EOSIO to see which one is better or worse. It’s not a race to see which one has more transactions per second or better privacy. LACChain is about collaboration.

Furthermore, Allende said that they are more interested in fabric and says that it was easier to do tests with technology based on Ethereum and now with EOSIO.

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