Bitcoin was trading over $19000 mark 2 years ago: Why it is down now?

A crypto user has raised a fact that two years ago from now Bitcoin was standing over $19000 mark but now Bitcoin is down.

Recently on Twitter, a crypto user named Rob “Crypto Bobby” Paone has brought to the page the market value of the world’s leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin and Ethereum that was two years ago.  He says that two years ago to the day, Bitcoin was trading at $19140 while Ethereum (ETH) was holding the mark of $719.

The current bear market of the leading asset was debated by people at that time (two years ago) when the price value of the coin was nearly reaching the $20,000 mark. Some said that this bull-run is just the beginning of the end.

It was just a matter of releasing the post on Twitter that other crypto users started commenting on this post. Other Twitter users gave their opinions and views about the current bearish situation and the previous long bull-run of the coin.

One Twitter user named Emptybeerbottle said:

People were saying that you shouldn’t be taking profits, that you were going to “miss the real pump”, and that you had “weak hands” if you were selling anything.

Some claimed that both of these coins do not have intrinsic value and these coins would crash.

Another Twitter user, CryptoPhoenix said that two years from here the price value of Bitcoin would drop to the $10 mark and Ethereum will decrease down to $0.1.

The price value of the coin is down at the moment as compared to the long bull-run of 2017. No one knows exactly what might happen. Similar was the case at that time. Several traders were aware of the fact that Bitcoin would see bearish sentiment in the future.

Uzair S.

Uzair got into cryptocurrency world since 2015. He has worked as a news writer for three years. He recently joined BitcoinNews.Today team as a crypto news writer. He regularly contributes latest happenings of crypto industry.

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