Binance’s now-deleted FAQ section Confirm its Partnership with Swipe to launch its credit card

One of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges Binance has reportedly confirmed the news of its partnership with Swipe for issuing its crypto debit card. The cryptocurrency exchange has revealed the news in a now-deleted web-page.

Binance-Swipe Partnership confirmed

The partnership between Binance and Swipe has been confirmed through a cached version of the FAQ section of the Binance Card available on the crypto exchange’s official website. The statement that appeared in the cached version has confirmed the Binance-Swipe partnership:
“Binance has partnered with Swipe to provide a Card platform for Binance users.”

Recently, The Block Crypto news outlet reported that the crypto exchange Binance was making a partnership with Swipe to issue its crypto debit card. Binance itself did not confirm the news officially at that time but now the news is revealed on the page.

Binance acquired a majority of stake in Swipe

Reportedly, the cryptocurrency exchange Binance also took a majority of stake in the company Swipe. This could be another massive investment in the industry. But neither Binance nor Swipe confirmed this news as well.

Binance is working on its branded card since the month of March. According to Binance, its Binance Card can do anything that a regular card does usually rather it has the capability to do more work than regular cards do. Their crypto card ensures instant and immediate transfers allowing users to transfer their funds from spot to card wallet quickly.

This partnership has affected very much the price value of Swipe’s SXP token. Its price surged high and currently, it is up by over 22 percent.

As being one of the world’s leading crypto exchanges, Binance focuses entirely on expanding its ecosystem and seeks worldwide adoption. Therefore, it continues to make partnerships with various technological giants and to work on various development projects.


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