After Binance, Brave integrates the Gemini crypto-trading widget for trading and Wallet support

Gemini and Brave have been partnered up recently to keep it more accessible and easy for users to manage their cryptos using the Brave browser.

The browser will help the users to store, buy-sell, and also earn crypto. With the help of this integration, users Of Brave browser can quickly and with a secure manner can access the latest Gemini trading widget. Currently accessible on Brave’s nightly update, the Gemini trading widget will be launched live in the coming weeks.

Talking about Brave, the browser provides a faster internet experience to its users. The browsers let its user experience the most out of it by keeping the privacy of its users. The browser blocks all kinds of ads and soft wares that can monitor the activity of the user.

Users can also earn BAT viewing Privacy-preserving Brave ads. The user can also earn different rewards by publishing content on different social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, GitHub, or on their website.

Brave Integrations

The constant growth of the browser and its super privacy-oriented advertisements are attracting more companies. A few months ago, Brave announced that they are integrating the Binance widget in their browser.

The purpose of this integration was to directly access the Binance wallet through Brave. But as the news is already doing round, Brave announced the integration of Gemini Widget, allowing users to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrency. The users can also able to access their Gemini Wallet without leaving Brave.

By hold the two biggest competitors, it is crystal clear that Brave is open for doing business on a higher scale. It looks like major crypto exchange platforms are expressing their wishes to join in hands with Brave. The big collaboration with Binance and Gemini is just a beginning, making the Brave browser the only way to adopt crypto products on a larger scale.


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